Car Consignment

Let Auto Siglo Motors Sell Your Vehicle

We know that many customers in Texas and the surrounding states have a vehicle they would like to sell, but simply aren’t sure how to go about the process.

That’s why we at Auto Siglo Motors are offering a solution with our car consignment options! Keep reading to learn more about why consignment works.

Reaching interested buyers is key to selling your vehicle. We make sure that your vehicle is seen throughout the country by creating and maintaining listings on top sites such as CarGurus, KBB, Autotrader, and Cars.com. Go beyond the old-school newspaper advertisements and see how quickly a sale can happen.

Not everyone is a trained sales professional and that’s okay. If you’re not a fan of negotiating or knowing the best way to sell your vehicle, choosing one of our consignment options lets our trained professionals do the heavy lifting so the buyer feels informed and confident in their decision.

Preparing your vehicle to sell can be a time consuming process. So why not let our service technicians detail the vehicle and make it photo-ready? If there are any repairs or routine maintenance needed they’ll get right to work. We’ll even handle the photography to combine with our strategically-composed online listing information for the perfect combination to attract the attention of buyers.

Selling a vehicle on your own usually means relying on a cash sale, which can significantly narrow your field of buyers, especially if you are looking to sell a high-end or luxury vehicle. Consigning with Auto Siglo Motors opens up the possibilities since buyers can take advantage of our finance options, including in-house auto loans.

Customers are often hesitant to purchase a vehicle from an individual they have no history or relationship with. We’ve seen that they are much more likely to purchase a vehicle from a dealership group like Auto Siglo Motors that has an experienced team and years of positive reviews, not to mention a connection with the local community.

What Are Your Consignment Options?

50/50 Split

We handle all of the work of selling the vehicle. Once we find a buyer, you get a check with 50% of the net proceeds (minus any costs associated with the sale).

Flat Fee – $1,500

With this option you’ll pay a small amount up front but get to enjoy 100% of the net proceeds (minus any costs associated with the sale). We still do all the work of the selling the vehicle for you.

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